Diana – An American Love Affair

She was the world’s most famous woman and nowhere on the planet was she more famous and adored than in the United States. British royalty has always fascinated America, but America was in love with Diana, Princess of Wales. When she died tragically in 1997, the grief of ordinary people was palpable.

Now the story of the World’s most famous princess and her enduring relationship with the United States is told in a one-hour documentary TV special. The program will follow America’s obsession with Diana – from her engagement and marriage to Prince Charles in 1981 to her celebrated first state visit to the United States and the White House in 1985; From her high profile and very-public divorce to her tragic death in Paris in 1997.

Using archive footage and new interviews with friends, confidantes and commentators, the program features witness testimony to the Diana story, and reminiscences of one of the most remarkable people of recent times.

1 x 60min

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