Mass Murder In The Sky – 9/11

11th September 2001, the world held its breath as Al Qaeda terrorists attacked the United States with hijacked planes piloted by suicide bombers. Within a couple of hours this breathtaking act of international terrorism had killed nearly 3,000 innocent victims. It was the most extraordinary and audacious act of terrorism ever seen in the western world and it was played out in all of its horrors on television sets across the globe.

Mass Murder in the Sky follows the events of 9-11 through the eyes of survivors, relatives of victims and observers on the day. Two British relatives, David DeVere and Geoff Campbell also tell how they learnt about the events in the UK and how they coped with the aftermath. The documentary follows survivors of the disaster who tell how their normal working day turned to horror as friends and colleagues perished in the twin towers.

Mass Murder in the Sky also hears testimony from the widows of law enforcement and rescue personnel, we tell how they heard the news of the events of the attacks and how they coped with their own personal tragedies as they unfolded in the hours, weeks and months after.

Supported by iconic television and photographic images of 9/11 as well as intimate family archive supplied by many of the participants Mass Murder in the Sky creates a moving and, sometimes horrifying record of one of the most extraordinary incidents of the modern age.

1 x 60min

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